A rainy, fall wedding

This weekend was one for the books! As much as every bride hopes for sunshine and clear skies on their wedding day, this bride got the very opposite. But, all the plans were quickly arranged to accommodate Mother Nature. We can't imagine the day going any other way now that we are looking back! Everything. Was. Stunning.

The ceremony was so incredibly personal in the barn under the chandeliers. 

"I fell in love with the boy you were all those years ago. I am in love with the man you are today, and I vow to love every version of you that I meet in all our years to come."

The guests moved downstairs afterwards for a glass of local wine and a piece (or two) of the candied bacon that made everyone go crazy! The bridal party adventured out in the rain clouds for pictures as the tables were easily moved inside to get ready for the real party.

With candied bacon in hand, the guests moved back upstairs as the DJ started setting the mood for the entrances. The sounds of Beyonce started playing through the barn, people started cheering and the party got kicked off!

Thank you to everyone that made this the most amazing celebration! Cheers to all the adventures to come!