A June Romance

Today was the day and it was perfect! Joyful, radiant, beautiful, so many adjectives describe the day but the beauty of the love that was being celebrated, that was indescribable! Their smiles never faded even when the tears of joy were flowing! 

The day began clear and bright as the sun first shone on the bright green leaves of early June. A truckload of fine young men set out scouring the fields for bouquets of wildflowers, which the groom, Daniel used in mason jars placed on stumps to create a beautiful aisle in the mowed out section in the middle of the hay field. With the antique door, hay bales and wildflowers, he had everything perfect to welcome his bride! 

The girls were getting ready. Curls, dresses and makeup all over the bridal suite. Hannas heart was a flutter even without a sip of champagne! Her special touches had been laid out the day before and she had the reception area ready to embrace all the friends and family that she loves so dearly. 


They had prayed for a sunny warm day and God delivered a day beyond there dreams. Sunny and eighty in June! Wow! The smell of chicken BBQ, a literal boat load of cold lemonades and drinks added to the festive summer picnic feel of the day! Family, friends, children, dancing, running, laughing well into the night! I sat back, my heart flooded with thankfulness as the Homestead Blessings barn is glistening with moonlight, the perfect backdrop to this perfect day!


Congratulations to the beautiful bride & handsome groom! We wish you many, many adventurous and joyful years!


- Homestead Blessings