Sammy & Liam

This weekend was a dream. I know I’ve said that before, but this weekend was one that we will dream about for months to come. Perfect sunshine, an emotional first look, jaw dropping reception and late night dance parties all throughout the barn - YES.

Sammy and Liam came to us in the very, very beginning of our new venue adventure. They had convinced themselves that they didn’t want a wedding, until they saw the barn! From the beginning, they could see their vision and we loved their creative and adventurous spirits.

At our first meeting with Sammy and Liam, they mentioned building custom farmhouse tables to fit the barn for their reception. I think that’s the moment I first fell in love with them. Wedding planning is crazy enough - but building tables?! Our kind of people. Liam is the type of guy that shows his love with acts of service, and those tables were the truest act of love that we have seen in a long time. The day they got brought to life at the barn, we just sat and stared for almost an hour. Drank coffee, sat and stared.

The wedding ceremony took place on the knoll with the perfect breeze to accompany all the tears and laughter. Liam’s mother actually got to perform the service which was so special.

Surrounded by their closest friends and family, the newlyweds celebrated their amazing love the rest of the night. We are blessed to be apart of days like today. Our hearts are full.

Cheers to you, Sammy & Liam!

Caitlin & Zachary

Today was one of the nicest days we've had all September! The skies were clear, a steady breeze rolled through the hills, all was ready for a perfect celebration! 


Caitlin & Zachary were high school sweethearts. They always stood by each others side, through everything that life threw at them. 
The day we met them, they were so relaxed, focused on love & family instead of all the little details that we sometimes get so caught up in. It was refreshing.

The clear skies opened up during their ceremony with some rain showers, but they did not let that dampen their spirits! The day continued with delicious food, dancing, lots of laughter and lots of fun! 

Surrounded by all of their closest friends & family was the perfect celebration of the unwavering love and friendship. We wish you all the happiness in the world! 


Young Love

This past week, we got to watch the sweetest young couple become Husband & Wife.

DJ & Cassidy met after high school and quickly became best friends. Throughout school and all the trials that come with merging into adulthood, they faced everything together. The weekend of their wedding, we got to watch two families work together and become one family. 

Throughout the week leading up to the wedding celebration, the weather was scorching hot all week long. But, Saturday came around with warm sunshine and a constant, easy breeze. We got to stand with Cassidy in the quiet moments before she joined DJ at the altar. Her nervousness and excitement reminded me of myself on my own wedding day. 

After they promised forever and shared their first kiss as husband & wife, cheers were heard and everyone wandered back to the barn to start celebrating. 

There was a lot of laughter, music and a few bad dance moves throughout the evening. Cheers to many more years of happiness and love, Cassidy & DJ! Remember, above all, you are best friends and that is impossible to beat!

Photographer: Paige Lamb of Pine Tree Imagery

Cleared for take off!

This weekend was so much fun! Honestly, we had an amazing time spending time with the family that came into town for Mackenna and Cody's big celebration. We got to watch as they all laughed and roamed the property, exploring all the areas that are so special.

The barn was cleaned, the tables were set beautifully, flowers had arrived fresh and ready! We watched as the Mother of the Bride did her final walkthrough, and her pleased smile spoke wonders. 

Mackenna and Cody have been best friends for years, throughout school and Cody pursuing his military career they have remained side by side. It was a refreshing type of love that walked through our doors the day of their first visit, and it was that same love we saw this weekend!

"And I have met many people through the ins and outs of my life but you, among all, will always be my favorite." - R.M. Drake

"And I have met many people through the ins and outs of my life but you, among all, will always be my favorite." - R.M. Drake

I got to stand beside Mackenna in the last few minutes before she walked down the aisle to her handsome (soon to be) hubby. Her hands were shaking just enough to notice, she was fidgeting like I do after one too many cups of coffee and she was smiling ear to ear.

"Were you this nervous on your wedding day?" She laughed. I had spoken those exact same eight words to my sister on my big day.

"Yes." I replied, "But I promise, as soon as you see him, there's nothing in this whole world that will feel more right."

At the moment of the first kiss, the cheers and whistles were so loud and exuberant that they could be heard all through the woods and fields. Every detail after that was perfect. From the local wine served at the bar downstairs, to the delicious food made on site, to the sparkler send off where they were showered with love as they left to start their biggest adventure yet:  MARRIAGE. 

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for these two love birds!


Photographer: Photography by Kirsten Smith

Years of love and adventures...

Talk about a timeless, classic love! Our beautiful bride and groom live states away, so we were not able to meet them until the weekend of the wedding. We worked with the family in the months before, but all the little details came together perfectly as the bride arrived and made the final little touches. Cody and Cassandra both serve our country, and their passionate and loyal personalities are certainly displayed in their marriage. 

The weather was crazy the week before the wedding. There was cold, there was rain, there was snow and then, on the big day the clouds broke and the sun shined bright! The beautiful bridesmaids matched the sparkling sunshine in their elegant gold dresses. 

The groomsmen were classic and handsome. You could feel the bond of friendship between them all, they were even the first ones on the dance floor when the time came!

Thank you for everything, our wedding was one of fairytales! Far more perfect than I could have ever planned.
— Cassandra

We are so extremely excited to watch their love story grow in the upcoming years. It is truly a blessing when your true love & your best friend are the same person.

Our wedding season is getting off to a great start! We LOVE what we do.

- Homestead Blessings


A springtime, boho shower

Yesterday, we watched and helped a beautiful momma to be celebrate her little babygirl! We spent the morning before the shower decorating and making everything JUST how she envisioned! Homemade donuts and cookies, heaps of fresh fruit, chocolate covered goodies, a build your own sandwich bar, and even a trail mix bar! 

She sat under a teepee of lace as she was showered with the love and generosity of those she loved the most! The gifts were overflowing and such a blessing.  Some were homemade, some were passed down from generations, some were shiny and new, but all were given with love. 

Good luck on your newest and biggest adventure, momma! We cannot wait to see her beautiful little smile. 

Let there always be love in her eyes & a flower in her hair.

A worldwide love story...

This weekend was the PERFECT weather and backdrop for the intimate family wedding we got to watch! The colorful leaves were surely a sign for the bright romance that was so, very abundant between Hannah and Bruce. 

Hannah and Bruce have a passion for missionary work and travel all over the world together helping in every way they can. This inspired many aspects of their big day. 

Hannah and Bruce held the ceremony in the field close to the barn, and shortly after they moved inside for a sit down dinner before dancing!

All of our happiest wishes go to this amazing & inspiring couple! 

A rainy, fall wedding

This weekend was one for the books! As much as every bride hopes for sunshine and clear skies on their wedding day, this bride got the very opposite. But, all the plans were quickly arranged to accommodate Mother Nature. We can't imagine the day going any other way now that we are looking back! Everything. Was. Stunning.

The ceremony was so incredibly personal in the barn under the chandeliers. 

"I fell in love with the boy you were all those years ago. I am in love with the man you are today, and I vow to love every version of you that I meet in all our years to come."

The guests moved downstairs afterwards for a glass of local wine and a piece (or two) of the candied bacon that made everyone go crazy! The bridal party adventured out in the rain clouds for pictures as the tables were easily moved inside to get ready for the real party.

With candied bacon in hand, the guests moved back upstairs as the DJ started setting the mood for the entrances. The sounds of Beyonce started playing through the barn, people started cheering and the party got kicked off!

Thank you to everyone that made this the most amazing celebration! Cheers to all the adventures to come!

A June Romance

Today was the day and it was perfect! Joyful, radiant, beautiful, so many adjectives describe the day but the beauty of the love that was being celebrated, that was indescribable! Their smiles never faded even when the tears of joy were flowing! 

The day began clear and bright as the sun first shone on the bright green leaves of early June. A truckload of fine young men set out scouring the fields for bouquets of wildflowers, which the groom, Daniel used in mason jars placed on stumps to create a beautiful aisle in the mowed out section in the middle of the hay field. With the antique door, hay bales and wildflowers, he had everything perfect to welcome his bride! 

The girls were getting ready. Curls, dresses and makeup all over the bridal suite. Hannas heart was a flutter even without a sip of champagne! Her special touches had been laid out the day before and she had the reception area ready to embrace all the friends and family that she loves so dearly. 


They had prayed for a sunny warm day and God delivered a day beyond there dreams. Sunny and eighty in June! Wow! The smell of chicken BBQ, a literal boat load of cold lemonades and drinks added to the festive summer picnic feel of the day! Family, friends, children, dancing, running, laughing well into the night! I sat back, my heart flooded with thankfulness as the Homestead Blessings barn is glistening with moonlight, the perfect backdrop to this perfect day!


Congratulations to the beautiful bride & handsome groom! We wish you many, many adventurous and joyful years!


- Homestead Blessings